Build Your Dreams

Become a Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Abroad
A Summer Experience for Students Preparing for Graduation

June 22nd-July 31st, 2020

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Deadline for Early Decision: February 20th, 2020
Deadline for Regular Decision: March 15th, 2020

Life after graduation should be better than life before graduation
Finally. There's a next step after graduating where you can work with talented teams, learn relevant skills, travel the world, and create your own business — all with a bright and caring community. Apply to join the 6-week Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship Summer Program for students preparing for graduation today.

Learn from expert entrepreneurs, connect with your purpose, and collaborate with like-minded students on the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia

Nobody should have to experience a job they don't like.
Hero's Head Teachers are expert entrepreneurs running purpose-driven companies who have made dollars per year in revenue. 
These are the people who love their work, enjoy their lives, and make the world better. Being surrounded by mentors like them is exactly what you need to be this sort of Hero yourself.

We shouldn't have to choose between 
creating impact, making money, and enjoying our lives. 
Beyond entrepreneurship, our participants learn how to travel the world, find epic community, and more. By diving deeply into your why and developing mastery of your mind and emotions you will create a foundation for lasting happiness for yourself and your relationships for the rest of your lives.

Nobody should have to experience loneliness after graduating.
The Hero Network lasts a lifetime. After the program, you have the opportunity to continue building a company with your tribe or join a startup internship with one of our partners that can lead to a full-time job. Learn to financially support yourself in paradise while building your dream business and lifestyle.

Welcome to Hero University.

100% of our members rated Hero International as one of the best communities they have ever joined!

Our students come from the best universities

Hero University in the Press

Head Teacher Gavin Dantez named "Mad Scientist of Marketing" by Inc Magazine

CoFounder George Mason Lantay featured in MindValley for How to Create the Best Organizational Environments
Head Teacher Mike Townsend featured on Tech Crunch for his company Home Hero
Apply for a Full Ride to Hero University
The Hero University Fellowship Program offers an opportunity for our strongest applicants to receive a merit-based scholarship, as well as for students with financial need to attend the program.

Hero University has a needs-blind admissions policy, which means we don't consider participants' financial situations when making their admissions decision—we decide based on the strength of their application and interview alone.

Application Process

  • Step 1:Request an application  
  • ​Step 2: Fill out a short application & schedule your interview
  • Step 3: Meet one of our expert instructors during your interview
  • Step 4: Receive your admissions decision
  • Step 5: Secure your spot!

Example Day at Hero University

7:30 AM: Morning Movement Practice

Attend a conscious workout to prime your body and mind for extreme productivity

9:00 AM: Group Reflection and Breakfast
Indulge in a smoothie bowl prepared by our in-house chef while prepping for the day ahead
10:00 AM: Daily Lessons
Work with expert coaches and thought leaders as you learn the toolset of a purpose-driven entrepreneur

1:00 PM: Lunch
Eat amazing food with friends while enjoying music, swimming, sports, and more

2:00 PM: Individual + Group Work
Dive into pratical projects individually and in teams to hone your skills
5:00 PM: Guest Workshops
Hear the stories of 6, 7, and 10-figure entrepreneurs and learn why they prioritize transformational practices
7:00 PM: Dinner
Enjoy a delicious dinner cooked by our in-house chef at the campus or on the beach

8:30 PM: Conscious Celebration
Experience parties that are not only incredibly fun, but also healthy for your mind, body, and spirit

Explore the paradise island of Bali and all the temples, secret beaches, and waterfalls it has to offer

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Teachers, Speakers & Workshop Leaders

Main Teachers

Gavin Dantez
The Limitless Marketing Mindset Course 
A serial entrepreneur, Gavin Dantez was deemed the "Mad Scientist of Marketing" by Inc. Magazine for scaling an ecommerce business from $0-$3 million in revenue in one year. Gavin is also a master transformational coach who uses hypnosis and other forms of mind training to radically improve entrepreneurial performance.
George Mason Lantay
Design Your Life Retreat
Co-founder and Visionary of Hero University, Mason began his personal development journey at the age of 15. Prior to Hero, Mason created the world's first Mindful Software Development course which attracted students from MIT, Brown, and Yale. To date, he has traveled to over ten countries to study from the best transformational teachers worldwide.

Quinntin Ruiz
The Hero Bootcamp
Co-founder and Integrator of Hero University, Quinn started his first 6-figure company when he was nineteen. He was the COO of Rasur Foundation International, an educational nonprofit dedicated to resolving adverse childhood experiences. Quinn has also attended some of the most presitigous entrepreneurial bootcamps around the world, such as MIT Bootcamps and YC Startup School.
Mike Townsend 
Entrepreneurial Crash-Course
A serial entrepreneur, Mike Townsend raised $23 million from Graham Holdings, Social Capital, Science Inc, The Launch Fund, Tencent Holdings, Techstars, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for his company Home Hero. He is now the co-founder of Redeeem, a company that uses Bitcoin to help make money more reliable for countries with unstable currencies.

Examples of Previous Guest Speakers

Jules Schroeder
Ran first 6-figure company at 18 and first 7-figure company at 22. Ranked #1 of Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World in 2017 by Inc Magazine. Founder & host of Unconventional Life. Currently founding the In The Dark project to bring awareness to mental health in entrepreneurship.
Robert Alexander
Founder of Breathscape. As a NASA fellow studying solar winds, he was featured in Origin Magazine’s list of the top 100 creative leaders, and he received the Outstanding Achievement award from the International Community on Auditory Display. 

Virginia Salas-Kastilio
Previously ranked the #1 Female Snapchat Business Influencer and named one of Inc. Magazine's top 26 Women to Change the World, Virginia managed over $1 billion in assets at Apple and Oracle at age 22 before founding the I Trust You Movement to bring humanity closer together.

Kyle Maynard
His motivational videos have tens of millions of views and he is known as one of the world's best speakers for spreading the message of "No Excuses." A speaker, author, and mixed martial arts athlete known for becoming the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics. 

Did you know that Google ranked "Hero" 
as the #1 Word in Search for 2019?

Why? Because people are realizing we need to do something. People are realizing it is up to us to BE Heroes; not just to watch stories about them in the movies; not just to assume that Heroes aren't actually real. 

Hero University is about fostering and connecting people from the domain with the most opportunity to make an impact: purpose-driven entrepreneurship. The teachers we bring in are real-world Heroes. They may not fly or shoot lasers, but they do much more. They impact thousands of people. They change people's lives for the better.

And guess what? You have that same potential. We believe attending Hero University and joining our Legion of Heroes is one of the best ways you can ensure that you will make a positive impact in the world. 
Hero University Curriculum
June 20th-July 31st 2020
Week 1
The Design Your Life Retreat 
with George Mason Lantay
  • ​Walk away with a personal Hero Book which becomes your guide to living and designing the life of your dreams
  • ​​Discover the story that will make people listen to you as an entrepreneur
  • ​​Learn to enter effortless states of flow through advanced meditation and embodiment practices
  • ​​Master your mind and emotions through cutting-edge tools derived from over $50k of transformational retreats and courses
Week 2
The Entrepreneurship Crash Course 
with Mike Townsend
  • Learn a high-level overview of what it takes to build a purpose-driven company from start to finish
  • ​Gain key insights on recruiting and developing a top-notch team
  • ​Learn and practice the fundamental tools of marketing and selling a product
  • ​Understand how to outsource, grow, and scale a company
  • ​Acquire insights from over $50k of entrepreneurial retreats and courses
Week 3
The Limitless Marketing Mindset Course 
with Gavin Dantez
  • Gain expert insights into marketing psychology and what makes people purchase products
  • ​Learn cutting edge tools used by 7-figure entrepreneurs to market products
  • ​Learn how to package products in a way to provide maximum value
  • ​Develop the skills you need to become an advanced marketer
Week 4
The Hero Bootcamp 
with Quinntin Ruiz
  • 1-week experience to build a team, create a marketing plan, and launch a Facebook ad campaign for a purpose-driven brand
  • ​Continue to learn from expert mentors while you build your brand
  • ​Build your team using the Wealth Dynamics personality assessment so your team will have all the right people to build up a business
  • ​Walk away with a purpose-driven company in its first stage of marketing
Weeks 5-6

  • In the final weeks, you will continue working with the mentors you have had during the program while you hone your marketing skills and continue to build your company
  • ​Expert guest speakers will continue to come in and mentor you to make sure all your questions are answered while you are in your first stage of development
  • ​By the end of the program, you will have an established brand presence which will make it easy to launch a product.

Ideal Applicants

Amazing people attend programs with Hero International. Past accomplishments of our Heroes include raising over $4 million for an OCD prevention app, publishing a #1 Amazon New Release Bestseller, and being ranked as the #1 Women's Health Specialist by Global Health & Pharma. 

You are thinking about life after graduation

You want to make sure work and life after graduation is as good as possible. By attending Hero University, you will meet great people living incredible lives and will gain the inspiration you are looking for.

You are Entrepreneurial

Whether you have an idea for a product now or if you simply want to explore entrepreneurship as an avenue to create impact, Hero University will give you a blueprint to create an established brand for the future.

You want to explore

For many graduating students, the question of what to do after college is the biggest decision they have had to make. Traveling and meeting like-minded people from diverse backgrounds gives an invaluable perspective towards making those decisions.

You care deeply about making an impact

Say you have already landed a job in consulting, nonprofit work, or another field; or say you are still finding that perfect fit. No matter what, the skills of a purpose-driven entrepreneur; from leadership, to marketing, to hiring, and more are essential for those who want to make the biggest impact possible.

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
The Transformational and Digital Nomad Capital of the World

Home to a conscious digital nomad community of high-level entrepreneurs, world-renowned yoga schools, and healthy restaurants, Canggu is rich with beaches, and nearby to Ubud, the personal development capitol of the world.

At Hero we like to use the term Holistic Intensity. We have 
experienced first-hand the stress of being an entrepreneur 
in the heart of busy cities such as San Francisco that easily 
lead to burnout.

In Bali, you will experience effortless flow because you 
will be surrounded by people who are as mindful of their health as they are of their efficiency at work. 

Bali, in short, will show you a new way of living. 
What people are saying
"Before this course I had a hard time deciding the life I wanted to live. I felt lonely as one of the only entrepreneurial people I knew as well as one of the only people I knew who loved meditation. Throughout the program I learned how to create balance in every aspect of my life. I learned so much about not only building a business but on making an impact while creating a beautiful lifestyle for myself as well. I now have an incredible vision of how to create the life that I want."

"Before working with Hero I was in a place where I was finding the next step for my life. During the program I experienced so much love and support in my full power. I was able to both structure my business and build so many skills in meditation and personal development. During the Hero program I onboarded my first clients, started teaching my first workshops, built my website, and have a huge amount of energy moving forward.

"Before the Hero program I didn't understand the importance of personal development even though I was experiencing high levels of anxiety in my life. Through Hero I learned how to manage and face my emotions and am now able to transform them in such a powerful way rather than avoiding them. I feel like I know myself at a far deeper level. I now understand there is a whole world to explore in the area of emotional transformation which is invaluable to me as an aspiring entrepreneur"
Do I have to have a product idea in mind?
Nope! Throughout the program, you will experience profound personal growth and gain insights into how to solve global problems in a way most college graduates have never experienced. If you do have a product idea, you can still propose it to your team if it seems like a good fit. Otherwise, there will be many opportunities to develop an idea with your team. 

Do I have to have experience in entrepreneurship?
While experience in entrepreneurship helps with the fellowship application, you do not have to have entrepreneurial experience to apply or to attend Hero University. We believe diversity in experience no matter your major is a valuable asset for a team to have. The 3 weeks of courses before

What are the logistics of coming to Bali? Is the area safe?
Our experienced logistics team is here to help you in every step of the process from helping you get your visa ready, to making sure you are transported from the airport safely, to getting you comfortably set up in our accommodation. The area of Bali we are in is extremely safe and the campus resort we are staying at has all the amenities you will need.
How much is it?
Traditional Graduate tuition 
+ Housing & Accommodation


    Hero University
    + Housing & Accommodation

      Hero University Includes

      • 6-weeks of housing in a Bali Campus Resort
      • ​3 professionally cooked meals per day prepared by our in-house chef 
      • ​1 week Design Your Life Retreat to uncover your purpose, master your emotions, and refine your message
      • ​1 week Hero Entrepreneurship Crash Course to learn the fundamentals of building a business
      • ​1 week Limitless Marketing Mindset Course to learn expert marketing secrets
      • ​1 week Hero Bootcamp to launch a marketing campaign for a purpose-driven company you create
      • ​2-week Hero Hackathon to continue working towards your project
      • Airport Transfer
      • ​Night activities + excursions
      • ​Traditional Balinese opening + closing ceremonies
      • ​Your own physical Hero Book--the #1 tool to anchor your dreams into reality
      • ​Lifetime access to a network of conscious entrepreneurs building profitable, purpose-driven businesses
      Non-Fellowship Price: $7,500
      Fellowship Applicants and Standard Applicants go through the same application process via the link below.

      Hero University Dates: June 20th-July 31st 2020

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